Wine & Food FAQ

Where do you make your wine?

Our building is brand new and we haven't had time to build production space yet. In the meantime, Lincoln Way Vineyards in Wooster, OH has been kind enough to rent us part of their cellar. Our winemaker makes wine exclusively for White Timbers, she just does it in shared space.

Where do you get your fruit?

Some of our grapes are sourced from local growers and others come from New York and California.

Can you ship wine to my home?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship wine at this time.

Can I buy White Timbers wine anywhere other than the tasting room?

White Timbers wine is sold exclusively in our own tasting room. Enjoy an evening at the winery and feel free to buy some bottles to take home.

Are your wines vegan?

Most of our wines are vegan. However, we occasionally use non-vegan clarifying agents. Our winemaker keeps our staff up-to-date on this information, so please feel free to ask at the bar.

What varieties of wine do you sell?

We have something for every taste. Check out our wine list here.

Do you offer discounts on wine?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on each case of wine purchased.

How many wines can I sample?

As many as you like! We pour reasonable 1 oz. samples so that you can try every wine that interests you.

Do you sell food?

Absolutely! Check out our menu here. We also regularly host food trucks for added variety.

Are any of your snacks gluten free?

Yes. Gluten free snacks are marked on our menu. However, they are prepared in a shared kitchen.

If you do not see your question answered, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you in making sure all of your questions are answered.