Sweet Wines

Comfortably Numb

Sweet Red: Lambrusco

6% Residual Sugar

Soft and refreshingly sweet, this wine pairs nicely with salami, prosciutto, roasted meats (turkey, ham, lamb, pork), pizza, lasagna, or cherry pie. Serve chilled.

Stairway to Heaven

Sweet White: Valvin Muscat

6% Residual Sugar

Sweet and fruity, this wine is perfect for sipping by itself or paired with bleu cheese, Indian or Thai food, berry-topped cheesecake, cured meats, and nuts. Makes a great white Sangria. Serve chilled.

Let It Be

Sweet Rosé: Isabella Blend

6% Residual Sugar

Sweet and fruity with aromas of strawberry. This wine pairs well with whole grain bread, berries, salted nuts, or vanilla desserts. Serve chilled.